Meisha Frontis

Meisha Frontis is a self proclaimed advocate for the movement to bridge racial inequalities, to give youth facing adversity a voice, and to make the world a better place one volunteering event at a time. She has served as a Boys' and Girls' volunteer for several years, volunteered at the Oppurtinity House to feed the homeless, and participated in highway cleans up amongst many other projects.


Aside from her humanitarian desires, Meisha has made personal academic strides in her life that she is blessed to have achieved. In May 2015 she earned two bachelor's degrees in the fields of psychology and criminal justice from UNC-Charlotte. Before graduating, she successfully made the Dean's List, participated in over 5 organizations including co-founding her own mentoring organization (D.riven  I.ntelligent  V.irtuous A.mbitious S.isters), participating with the Black Student Union and being on the Infinity Modeling Troupe. She very proudly serves as a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated as well. Meisha now holds a career in Investigations as a corporate Training and Development Coordinator.


In her personal life, Meisha is also elated to be the mom of a young boy named Santana.. He gives her all the motivational in the world! She knows about the plight of being a single, teenage mom as she had him when she too was in her senior year of high school. However, she has lived by the saying that, "God doesn't put more on you than you can bare," to combat struggles.


As a first generation college student, raised by a single mom herself, Meisha's ultimate mission is to become a motivational speaker to other youth society deems as "at risk" youth. She truly believes that everyone has a story to tell. Meisha also believes that by sharing her story which may be similar to many of those "at risk" youth, it would give them the hope and courage to achieve.

"It doesn't matter what you do, you will be judged. You may as well simply BE YOU during the process, I am fearless and unapologetic." - SimplyMei

"On the SimplyMei site, there is SOMETHING for EVERYONE. I’m just your real life blogger that happens to be a young mom too!"