1.       What is a blog?

For me, it is a place where I share my thoughts from various perspectives - - as a mom, business woman, college graduate, sister, philanthropist, and friend. No matter the perspective, I’m keeping it all… the…way…real.

3.       Where did the name “SimplyMei” come from?

Well hello. Chances are you a new follower so let me introduce myself in “30 seconds or less”. My government name is Tal’Meisha which family and friends shortened to just “Meisha” as I was growing up. Perhaps it was just easier to pronounce? Over time most of them took it a step further and said to heck with the -sha too and pretty soon I was just, “Mei”. “Mei” is almost impossible mispronounce and well … it just kind of has a ring to it so I kept it.

However, the SimplyMei name is not only a play on my name but it is also a call to action. Somewhere along life’s journey I had a revelation – I did not have to try to be anyone else but simply me(i). I’ve been through a lot and witnessed a lot. Yet, in my adulthood I’ve finally learned to be unashamed of anything - my past, my circumstances, my mistakes, my flaws, and all that in between. Why should I be ashamed? Each chapter, good or bad, makes for my unique life story. 

2.       What is a blogger?

Hmm…a person with a slightly weird obsession to post their thoughts, opinions, and life stories with the world EVEN IF there’s no confirmation that anyone is actually reading. What do you call that? -- Passion or Craziness?  

4.       What’s the 411 on this SimplyMei?

In a nutshell, I’m just a country soul trying to make out this thing called life. Some dream of being rich. Some dream of fancy cars. Some dream of fame. I just have a crazy, philanthropic dream to have a brand that is representative of hard work, determination, and innovation – a brand that inspires others to wake up and be proud about being themselves – a blog that opens the floor up to dialogue between myself and others.

5.       Out of all things, why in the Heavens did you start a blog?

Ask my momma. I triple dog dare you. She will tell you just like I will. Since I was a child, I have always found myself expressing myself through writing. I could sit in a room by myself with just a pen and pad and be completely content. My blog is not a new phenomenon. It is just a decision to finally share with the world what I’ve always had in my heart.

6.       So, who are you trying to reach?

You will never find me saying, “Oh, you look like the SimplyMei subscriber type so I’m only going to welcome you in particular.” Regardless of age, race, gender or whatever else, if you check out the site and love it, that’s awesome! Not everyone will like the content and I’m okay with that. Regardless, anyone is welcome to get the SimplyMei scoop.

7.       Who is Santana a.k.a. Tana?

There’s a 100% chance that you will see this name in a SimplyMei blog post at some point. He’s only the best thing that has ever happened to me -- my son whom I gave birth to at the tender age of 18.

8.   Did SimplyMei go to school?

Yes. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a BA in psychology and another in criminal justice.

9.   Did somebody say contest.. How can I play?

Any SimplyMei subscriber can play. It’s easy. Just click the “contest details” heading to see what the current SimplyMei contest is for the month (ALWAYS a new one for each month). Participate for your chance to be a randomly selected winner of various prizes ranging from FREE GAS CARDS, VISA CARDS, and MORE!

10.   How can I reach SimplyMei personally?

I love connecting with people even if it’s a simple, “Hi.” Want to chat? Feel free to send me an email at simplymeitsf@gmail or you can reach me through various social media handles. I will always reply.

Facebook: Meisha Frontis or the “SimplyMei” like page

Instagram: Lovee_Mei

Twitter: _SimplyMei

11. What are SimplyMei's credentials?

A Few SimplyMei  Accomplishments:

  • Graduated from UNC-Charlotte in May 2015 with a BA in Psychology and Criminal Justice (Dean’s List -2015)

  • Co-Founded the mentoring organization by the name of D.I.V.A.S (Driven Intelligent Virtuous Ambitious Sisters) on the campus of UNC-Charlotte - Served a Vice President also

  • Former collegiate member of the Black Student Union and Senior Class Council at UNC-Charlotte

  • Former member of the Infinity Modeling Troupe at UNC-Charlotte

  • Guest speaker at various on campus college events at UNC-Charlotte ranging from teen pregnancy to the importance of mentoring

  • Current, active member of the Beta Omicron Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. -  Standing member on the Civic and Social Action Committee; Former Chair over the Awards and Achievement Committee; Received award for Undergraduate Soror of the Year

  • Volunteered several times at the Florence Crittenton Center (Charlotte, NC location) to encourage young females from various backgrounds

  • Completed the Community Management Internship offered by Walgreens

  • Volunteered over 3 years at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club (Concord, NC location) with the Keystone Group

  • Promoted from Criminal Records Specialist to standing Training and Development Coordinator at my current place of employment - Host of 3 workshops per month

  • Current member on the Missions Team at New Life Baptist Church that serves the community through philanthropic efforts

Want to get to know Mei more? Well, what’s the hold up? I don’t mind. Simply submit your questions to simplymeitsf@gmail.com.


I’ll be waiting darlings.

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