See, The Way My Checking and Saving Accounts Are Set Up....

Can we be honest for a minute here?

This post is for the people (myself included), who have “faked the front” at least once before.

This post is for the ladies that have shopped right in their best friend’s closet to borrow that fitted dress or those cute heels for a night out.

Fellas you are not exempt. In fact, this post is for the men that have called up one of their best home boys up to see if they could borrow their homeboys’ shoes for a date.

This post is for the people that stay fly for the social media pictures but are eating ramen noodles as we speak. Don’t worry, it has been me and I still like my “oodles and noodles.”

This post is for the people that have to check price tags before they just “throw it in the bag.”

This post is for the people that have asked themselves “what can I get for $5?” before browsing a food menu to order from.

This post is for the people that have returned a few items to the store just to have some extra cash.

The point that I want to hit on with this post is that being low on money is NOT a unique problem. You are not the only one that has had to stretch money in ten different ways, trust me. In fact, many people face money troubles at different points in their lives. If you’re reading this and you’re experiencing one of those rough financial patches then understand that 9 times out of 10 your friend, co-worker, parent, mentor, and whoever else involved in your life has probably “been there and done that,” also. Truth is, those individuals may still be currently experiencing what some call being broke but just don’t allow you to notice. However, through personal life experiences I have learned that sometimes YOU can be the main reason why YOU can’t get out of the sinking sands of money issues. – Yes, I said you can be the reason (not the job that you complain about that does not pay you enough).

So, what exactly do I mean? In short, I am saying that we sometimes do things that place ourselves in SELF CREATED messes then blame other people or things. For instance:

1) You wanted to put on a show: It is okay for someone to aspire to be rich. Who doesn't want more money? However, acting like you already have it is not going to get you there. If all you have is $100 dollars and those new jordans just came out so you spend your all on those shoes, then what will you have left? No, instead you left yourself with no savings and no money to spend on your needs. Sometimes we get so caught up trying to portray this image of wealth to others that don't matter that we short ourselves. We neglect our needs to obtain things that are way out of our budget --expensive weaves, name brand clothes, latest shoe releases, that fancy car that you weren't quite ready to make payments on, that upgraded iphone, that spring break trip ticket, and so forth. Moral: Don't go broke trying to act rich. It is okay to live a frugal lifestyle until you can afford to spend money on luxuries. Evaluate your circumstances and financial stability before jeopardizing it with trying to put on a show.

2) You spent on others: Now I am not saying that it is wrong to help other people. In fact, I encourage helping others WHEN YOU ARE ABLE to do so. For the big-hearted people like me, it is sometimes hard to tell your firends and family no. We like to help the world and if we could, we would "save" everybody. However, spending on others or loaning cash can become a huge problem for a slew of reasons. When you are a freely giving person, sometimes you place yourself at the risk of being used. Others may begin to feel entitled to your help and less appreciative of your help. You become there number one go to when they are suffering. If there are less and less "thank yous" and an increasing request for more loans then you may have to take a step back and set some boundaries. It is an even bigger problem when you barely have enough to keep yourself afloat. You cannot give what you don't have (or barely have). Imagine trying to pour one of your house guests a full cup of juice from an almost empty juice carton in your refrigerator. How well do you think that will go?

3) You didn’t save for a rainy day: Sometimes we are actually in really great financial situations.We have that job that is paying us nicely, a car with affordable payments, or that apartment with a great rent price. You have it altogether, right? Sure, you can spend on whatever you like, right? You're "balin'" now!...You had an invincible mindset where you thought that you had life all figured until one day your car decides that it wants to give out just to spite you. (car troubles are the worst) The reality is that we can minimize the severity of financial setbacks by preparing a budget and setting aside a little for those unexpected circumstance. Lets face it. As long as you're living, life will always throw you curve balls that you can't quite predict. I personally try not to spend more than I make on a paycheck. I also like to give myself a spending limit and place that cash in an envelope. Once the cash in the envelope runs out, I discpline myself into waiting untli the next check to spend cash (unless there is an emergency).

What do I know though? I’m just a blogger that blogs my own opinions.If you have a topic that you would like for me to speak on, please feel free to submit your ideas. Until next time people...

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