Become Your Own Boss


A person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and willing to risk loss

Do you find yourself sitting at your work desk imagining all of the ways you could run your company better than your boss? Even though you effectively communicate better with co-workers, display better organizational skills, and are capable of producing innovative ideas, you remain content with your position at the job. I mean how can you really be the boss when your role is to only be the “worker bee,” right?

Perhaps you’re the student that dreadfully sits through college courses for a major you have absolutely no interest in but chose it to appease your parents. Instead of “following your dreams” you choose to stick to the “safe” option by majoring in something that’s guaranteed to make your family proud and/or make you money. Who doesn’t like to have a sense of security?

Maybe you are that individual that carries around a sketch pad, a journal, or even make use of your phone to keep record of your every idea. You know your ideas are amazing and that they could possibly evolve into some level of social media fame, but you doubt that your ideas will ever evolve into a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Aren’t you just like the next average Joe that’s looking for a “come-up”?

Quite possibly you are a working, full-time parent that feel as if you’ve missed your chance to fulfill your entrepreneurial aspirations. Your child’s security is your number one responsibility so you gave up on your personal dreams to ensure that your child is able to seamlessly live out his/her dreams. You tell yourself that you can’t afford to take risks. In the mix, you unconsciously find yourself trying to live through your child by persuading him/her to become involved with all of the things that are of value to you.

Long story short is that you have ideas to be the boss of your own passion and enterprise one day, but YOU are the only person unconsciously stopping you. Through life you may have heard the saying that “you can be whatever you want to be as long as you put your MIND to it.”


“Putting your mind to it,” is only half of the battle. Don’t get me wrong, having dreams and plans are all contributions for a great start. However, to maximize your full potential and ensure that your dreams come into fruition, you’re going to have to do a little more than just “putting your mind to it”. Consider the following successful entrepreneurs:

Madam CJ Walker (unique vision of a beauty and hair product line for African American women)

Steve Jobs (unique vision for the creation of Apple computers)

Pierre Omidyar (unique idea for the development of EBay)