What's Love Got to Do With It?

I’ll be the FIRST to tell you that I was completely hesitant about writing on the topic of sex in any way, shape, form, or fashion. When one of my subscribers submitted the question “how can you tell if you’re sprung over the sex vs being in love” I literally froze up for a second. I’m just a blogger trying to live a wholesome life with the goal to spread a message of positivity to the people of all ages. When that question was submitted, I questioned if my post would make some readers distrust my message of positivity. I thought:

Is this post going to tarnish my brand which serves to uplift and inspire? Will my response make me look like a promiscuous person if I write from either personal experience or from what I have witnessed my friends go through? Will it then open the door for people to judge me in a negative light? What if I get “too real” and elaborate with too much detail? Am I prepared for true backlash if this post is not well received?... Or should I just stay “safe” and speak to topics that are not so controversial or taboo?

Well clearly you can see how that internal debate ended. Those thoughts came and went so fast! So, why did I proceed further? Well…Why not?

The fact is, I’ve accepted that my blog posts won’t be accepted by everyone and that’s the beauty of it all. One of the purposes of my blog is to inspire healthy discussion on all kinds of topics – but in a REAL way. I’m not here to incorporate as many difficult vocabulary words as I can into one post. The SimplyMei blog is not about being overly weary of the “grammar police”. While I strive to keep both of those aspects in mind because they ARE important elements of writing, the content of my posts are more of my priority. Whether you agree with my message or not as a reader is your prerogative. Where do I find my content? If I can, at the very least, stimulate your mind and challenge you to really think about your everyday issues/topics then I have done my job. The SimplyMei blog is designed to enable you with enough courage to go back to your friends and family to acknowledge and discuss these real life issues. You shouldn’t feel the need to hide behind a positive persona or wall of fear because you are weary of being judged. As a subscriber you can simply be yourself and submit whatever topic you would like. “Don’t write a post on sex. You will lose subscribers,” they said.


Too late.

The truth of the matter is, just because we don’t talk about sex openly doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Your neighbor may have been through exactly what you are going through currently. She or he may know a little about being hooked on a person just because the sex was good. Be it sex or more pressing issues, how can we be honest in discussion if we are too scared to bring up topics together. With that being said, lets get into it...

Disclaimer: I think celibacy and abstinence is a beautiful thing. It is idea for one to save that kind of intimacy for the person they love and plan to spend the rest of their life with.

Second Disclaimer: ... But if you are going to “do it,” at least be smart, informed, and safe. Sex can result in