Move Over! There's A New Kid On The Block

Let me start off by saying that there are mistakes that you make in life that you KNOW you will never make again. Consider me guilty as charged! I must admit, missing any one of Alicia Wilson’s fashion shows (A. Wilson Styled) prior to the one I attended on June 16 was a huge mistake.

Yes, you guys! The fashion show was just THAT EPIC

-- from the hand selected venue at “King’s” located in Raleigh, North Carolina to the fierce models that served attitude all down the runway to the upbeat music that kept the crowd on their toes and rocking their heads.

In fact, I never want to make the mistake of missing any of her future shows.

Titled “The Rundown,” Ms. Wilson’s fashion event brought out some of Raleigh’s most talented designers and musical artists. She succeeded in serving the crowd with a full plate of style, confidence, comic relief, good vibes, and a side of hair flips! *snap, snap* Might I add, she represented Raleigh’s fashion scene very well. (Can I get unprofessional for a second and just say yasssss?)

Ms. Wilson provided us onlookers with numerous reasons for never missing an A. Wilson Styled event. I, myself, left with 4 key reasons why YOU should have been at The Rundown.

1. Organization is Key: When I first arrived, I was cheerfully greeted by some of Alicia’s fashion show assistants. As I looked around, I noticed that they were not greeting me cheerfully just because I was part of the press. In fact, I noticed that all incomers (press or not) were being greeted welcome with huge, warm greetings. What a perfect way to set the tone for a fun, down-to-earth show?