Ready Or Snot: Your How To Guide For Tackling Parenthood -- Step-Parents

So, you are on your first date out with someone new. So far, no one has really held your interest long enough for you to commit to a serious relationship. Yet and still, you convince yourself to keep an open mind about tonight’s date plans anyway. As conversation flows throughout the night between you and your date, it hits you! You realize that you



Okay, you’re REALLY feeling him/her. In fact, the chemistry is so perfect that you dread the mere thought of the date coming to an end. You never believed in love at first sight -- until now that is. Heck, you never even thought it was possible to hold a conversation with someone else so effortlessly.

Would you look at that? You two even have common likes and share similar aspirations. You say to yourself, “this is the one.” As soon as you fix your mouth to ask for another opportunity to hang out again your date drops the” P bomb on you. That’s it. Your date is more than the woman/man of your dreams.

Your date is also a parent.