" I Lie Because I Care About Your Feelings"

This just in!

Ladies you asked for it.

Men you answered and you couldn’t have kept it more honest for the blog topic today.

Why do men cheat?

I must say, reading the feedback from some of these men and listening to some men of all ages discuss the topic was pretty… eye opening. Yes, you have some men that are just downright, cold-hearted players. However, not many of the men I interviewed claimed they cheated simply because they were cold hearted and didn’t care about the girl whom they cheated on. In fact, the men proposed an array of factors they felt could affect the psyche of a male mind enough to lead him into the life of womanizing. Now before I get into the reasoning, I am going to very clearly state: I don’t believe there is ever a VALID reason to cheat. I repeat, NEVER. If you don’t want to be in a monogamous relationship, that is fine. By all means, live your life. As country people may say, “Do your thang!” (Safely of course). There is nothing wrong with dating. It helps you to discover not only what you want in a partner, but it also helps you discover things about yourself such as what are deal breakers for you.

However, when you decide to be in a relationship that means you are choosing a commitment between you and one other individual. Leave that commitment amicably before disrespecting the other person if you know that you are not ready (Again, that is just Mei’s take on things. What do I know? I just blog my thoughts.) Without further ado, here are some of the top responses I received paired with a little of my own take on things.

1) Insecurity: “Some men do not feel that they are on the same level as their girlfriend in many ways such as financially. They don’t want to leave their girlfriend, but they cheat with someone on or below their level to make them feel confident and secure.” Now men or women, this is not okay. If you feel insecure with yourself then it may not be time for you to be in a relationship. Insecurity goes hand in hand with trust issues. If you can’t trust the person you are with then what relationship do you truly have? If you don’t feel like you are “enough” for that person then you may be tempted to seek validation elsewhere. It just isn’t healthy.

2) Getting hurt after trusting someone: “I put my full trust into a girl that I could have seen myself marrying. I let her into my world, introduced her to my family, and she cheated on me so yeah..that was a wrap.” I totally understand how hurt can make you feel. It can make you quest --ion everyone and put up walls so that you don’t get hurt again. When you are hurt, you don’t necessarily have all the care in the world for the feelings of others. I get it. However, why put someone else through the same feeling? I encourage you to casually date until you can trust in someone enough to try again and accept that love is a risk.