Lions, Tigers, Bears, and Competition

What a headache!

Since you were six you had dreams of being the world’s greatest stand-up comedian…SIX!

No one could be the class clown like you were back in Mr. Harrison’s class. You KEEP your friends cracking up. Let’s not forget to mention family reunions -- there are no dull family reunions when you’re in attendance. Hey, what can you say? You're just naturally the funny guy/gal.

Over time you worked diligently to actually develop your craft by creating your own scripts, branding yourself through social media, and establishing a fan base. No one could deny your innate talents.

So what’s the problem? -- Now you think someone else is trying to steal your shine. In fact, that someone wants to be a comedian too -- a stand-up comedian at that!

Instead of accepting the fact that this person could genuinely have similar aspirations, you turn bitter and feel slightly threatened. Your focus shifts from improving your own craft to trying to stop the development of the “competition’s” craft. No longer are you concerned with succeeding based upon your own merit. Instead you try to formulate ways to cause the downfall of the other person.

“If you continuously compete with others, you become bitter, but if you continuously compete with yourself, you become better.”

The reality is you are not the only one with a particular dream. Yes, you should be passionate about your craft. Wanting to be the best at what you do is not a crime. HOWEVER, when you worry about someone else’s endeavors more than your own progression you subject yourself to failure.

For the remainder of this blog post, try not to think negatively of the word competition -- fellow blogger, Essence Sylvia Smith (founder of finESSe) even uses a strikeout when typing the word. It's safe to say that we are both not too fond of the word. In fact, coming together as two female bloggers to create this blog post revealed the beauty in unity.

The word competition alone carries such a negative connotation. There ARE healthy ways to interact with those who have the same passion as you. Consider these 6 Ways to Deal With the Competit