How One Boxing Lesson Changed Me Forever

Yesterday I took my 6-

year old son, Santana,

to his first ever boxing

lesson. I wouldn’t call

myself an

overprotective mom ---


It may be true that…

I cried when I first witnessed him hold his breath underwater in our neighborhood swimming pool. He came up for air proud of his accomplishment while I darn near had a panic attack.

Okay so I may be guilty of…

texting his grandmother a million and one times when he’s in her care just to check in on him. I want to know what he’s doing at 2pm and at 2:30pm. What's the big deal?

It’s possible that…

I watch him very closely as he plays outside with friends because, hey, anything could happen? Don’t judge me. I doubt I’m the only mom that freaks out over scars and “boo-boo’s.