1...2...10? Let's Talk Body Count

“Hey Meish ! So for my first topic suggestion - - I know it's gonna sound crazy but the topic is: asking women about their body count . Men do it all the time and I think it's childish. Why men shouldn't ask women about body count ? : -Psychological reasons such as making a woman feel self conscious -It closes personal doors between you and her (alerts her to build a wall because you may be judgmental in the future). It has Nothing to do with shame. Regardless of 2 bodies or 100 men will try anyway so WHY ASK ?.. And to say "I want to know what I'm getting into" isn't acceptable because what's the cut off number ? I don’t think there is one. Again, they'll still try ! Signed - Don't ask my body count if you want a relationship to continue.”

-Anonymous SimplyMei Subscriber

What’s up Anonymous? Hey, listen. Thank you for being courageous enough to ask a very real and relatable question. Your authenticity is the very reason why I, SimplyMei, am excited to write on this topic: body count.

*que the oooo’s and ahhh’s*

Honey, you’re not the first female to be offended by the, “so, how many partners have you had sexual relations with before me?” question. Right now, you’re probably thinking a multitude of things:

Is he suggesting that I have a promiscuous past?

Is he going to judge me if I reply honestly?

Is he using this information to categorize me; wifey vs. being just a friend with benefits?

Why is he asking me and I didn’t even question his body count?