There's NO Effect like the GOLD Effect

Gold Effect: A brand

purposed to display a cohesive

story of energy and legacy by

paying homage to ancestors

(legacies) who created the blue

print to be great


“Meisha, how would you like to come with me to a Tony Jackson photo shoot for his clothing line…”

Well, hell yes!

Oops, I mean heck yes for some of my more conservative subscribers. Forgive me for my excitatory outburst and inability to pull a word from my memory bank of archives that would convey the same amount of enthusiasm and passion. I was just happy when my friend Yasmine invited me.

I didn’t even give her a chance to finish her question -- for what? I already knew about THE one and only Gold Effect clothing line. As silly as it may sound, I had long become an Instagram fan of the Gold Effect.

So what? Maybe I was guilty of social media stalking the clothing line’s release of new pieces though I had never met Mr. Tony Jackson personally -- the man behind the wardrobe slay.

Of course I accepted the invite without a single glance at my planner (I’m a mom. I USUALLY LIVE by a planner). As far as I was concerned, anything planned prior to my friend’s invite was now cancelled -- But what the (insert a better choice of wording) was I going to wear to the photo shoot myself?


The Warm-Up

Interaction with Tony began far before the photo shoot date set for August 14, 2016. In fact, I was able to communicate with Tony via email up until the day the actual event took place. Talk about a man of professionalism and detail! He even welcomed me to conduct a pre-interview and learn more about himself and his vision.

" I was born in Pittsburgh, PA. I've lived in a few places on the east coast but would consider Duncan, SC my hometown. I've been designing most of my life. I handle a majority of The Gold Effect gear design but most of that help comes from CFO, Ashanti Nixon. Even the smallest piece of our gear is a full story"

Disclosure: I don’t know how Tony managed but he gets two thumbs up from me. Listen Linda, it was my first photo shoot cover. It’s safe to say I kind of… sort of... flooded his email inbox with questions. However, his character truly shone through his prompt email replies. Not once did he treat me like a nuisance.

By the day of the photo shoot, all of my nerves were gone. It’s hard not to become comfortable around someone that may be ambitious, but still hugely humble and down-to-earth. Mr. Jackson was just that.


Arrival On Set

I thought that I knew what I was getting myself into when I agreed to cover Mr. Tony Jackson’s photo shoot. There would be some beautiful models, some beautiful locations for backdrops, and some beautiful pictures taken, right? Wasn’t I just there to view the new pieces he would soon share with the world from his Gold Effect clothing line?

I was expecting to witness a simple, well-planned event. Instead, I found myself in the middle of a lively experience. Even before the photos began, Tony welcomed me behind the set to introduce myself to all of his models … and do a little more talking of course. Hey, it’s what I do best.

The next thing Tony did surprised me.

Of course, the female and male models were extremely busy prepping and preparing for the photo shoot as expected. Yet and still, Tony invited me to interview his models (per their permission). It was pretty evident that they also thought the world of Tony and his vision with the Gold Effect clothing and accessories line.

With praises like,"Tony and his team treat you like family," from model Ebone to comments like, "I love how Tony empowers the community through his meaningful clothing line," from long time model Josh, I knew the Gold Effect team treated everyone with respect.


Lights... Camera... Action

The venue was located at John Casablancas Modeling and Career center on Tyvola Road in Charlotte, NC. It was apparent that this was a place of high esteem. I wasn’t attending a “take a picture with your iPhone” kind of photoshoot.

With a mix of hip-hop tracks playing in the background, it felt like a mini party with friends when I arrived on site– it was lively. The photographer and his prep team sung along to tracks as they set up their equipment. Heck, I even caught myself rapping a little Kanye as I waited.

The photographer and his team did not come to play however. It wasn’t long until they were all set up and taking pictures. I have to say, they were very prompt with time.

I can’t mention set without mentioning AJ, Tony’s visionary and business partner. Frequently Tony turned to him to seek his opinion on a variety of things – different poses for the model, different ways for the models to hold the props, and so forth. The help didn’t stop there. In fact, it was AJ that first greeted me and showed me around upon arrival to the photo shoot.



Someone... somewhere is reading this post like, “Can I just see the pieces already?” The rest of you have completely ignored everything I’ve written to skip to the pictures. I’ll just stick to the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and jump right in.


Can I get two snaps and a “yasssss” for the girls?! The female models did not come to play. With faces beat, they served sexy and classy with a side of empowerment all in one. Let's take a look at a few.


The collection for men in one word? DOPE! The male models were a unique bunch. Each male model came to set with their own swag and truly embodied their Gold Effect looks. Here are a few of the men.


I would be doing Tony a disservice if I didn’t highlight how wowed I was at how detailed the Gold Effect line is. I witnessed firsthand how significant his props were and how detailed his clothing and accessories were.

“Even down to the stitching of the clothing you will find great detail because each piece is carefully designed to provide a reflection of the truth that is naturally within us”

The ankh was heavily used and represents eternal life and the unity of mankind. It was fitting for a line like the Gold Effect that represents continual energy flow.

Can I just say I loved the African Adinkra print on the scarves! To be that detail oriented and pay attention to intricate detailing stunned me. You could tell that Tony put true thought into each piece.

Another great prop used was the staff. To me, this prop represented power.

Just when you thought it was over… it ain’t over! Get a load of the detailed hats, too!


SimplyMei’s Highlights

There are visionaries that lead from a distance. Then there are visionaries that aren’t afraid to lead from within the front lines. When I tell you Tony was everywhere -- Boy I mean it!

From adjusting props to suggesting poses for the models, it was evident that he had a clear vision and didn’t mind being hands on to help bring it into fruition. His tone was more encouraging than authoritative with his models.

However, my absolute favorite part of the photo shoot was capturing the love story. Who said you can’t mix business with pleasure? Ashanti, Tony’s girlfriend and evident business partner, worked diligently to help make sure everything ran seamlessly -- from bringing Tony his favorite snacks to set to making sure the models were fully prepared, she played an integral part as the CFO.

Ahhhh. Aren’t you in love with the fashion industry’s modern day Bonnie and Clyde.


Wrapping Up with SimplyMei

Of course you get a standing ovation, Tony. You are truly a visionary and I can’t wait to see what great things are in store for the future.

To the entire Gold Effect family, thank you for showing me what collective effort looks like. I was honored to be a part of the experience.

To the models, you all killed it!

Days after the photo shoot, I am still captivated by the entire experience, but it’s true what they say…

There’s No Effect like the Gold Effect

For more information on the models, the Gold Effect, and the genius behind the line contact Tony Jackson. He can be found on various social media handles:

Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat - @TheNewJackCity

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