10 Easy Ways That Can Help You Live A Happier Life

What if I told you that I knew the secrets to living a happier life?

Better yet, what if I said that I could reveal those secrets for you today?

Let’s face it. We have all experienced the feeling of being “down and out” to some degree before for various reasons. In those tough times, it’s common to feel like you are just going through the motions to “survive” this thing called life. While I can’t give you that lottery money you’ve been playing for every week or send you on that cruise of a life time, I can share with you 10 Easy Ways that YOU can take advantage of YOUR OWN happiness. Start LIVING today.


10 Key Ways to Live a Happier Life

1. Listen Without Rebuttal

Believe it or not, humans can be self-centered individuals. Now I’m not trying to call anyone out, but yes that includes you too. Don’t feel embarrassed. Chances are we can all think back to an argument with a parent, friend, or boyfriend/girlfriend where we were more concerned with our own reply than truly trying to hear the other person out.

When we half listen to others while formulating our next response, we subject ourselves to a battle with no resolution. Arguments create unnecessary, avoidable tension in our lives. Save the headache and learn how to effectively converse with others instead of battling points.

2. Forgive Without Record-keeping

Are you still hanging on to that anger from the time Casey stole your red Crayola crayon in Kindergarten? You may laugh at how silly that sounds but here’s the tea -- that’s exactly how ridiculous we look sometimes when we keep record of who “did us wrong”.

There are some of you walking around that need to let a certain hurt go. We all reach the point of forgiveness at different times but when you do finally choose to forgive someone, remember to also put down that baggage of hurt, resentment, and pain. Forgiveness is not about the other person. It about allowing yourself to break free from a situation that hurt you and begin your journey to complete healing. You can’t move on and live happily if you are constantly bringing up the past.

3. Cheer Without Envy

… And you wonder why no one can ever be happy for you?

There’s a certain joy we feel when we know that there’s people in our corner rooting for us whether it’s family or friends. However, some of us can’t experience the joy of support because we fail to give out support ourselves.

If you go to a friend’s wedding and the only thing you can think of is, “why am I not married yet,” then you need to check yourself. If one of your loved one’s just got a promotion and the only thing you can think of is, “why do I still have this stupid job,” then you need to check yourself. I could keep going but the point is: Learn how to celebrate others’ successes without being jealous. You have a unique purpose. When your time comes (and it will), wouldn’t you love for others to celebrate with you?

4. Leap Without Fear

Starting my blog was perhaps one of my biggest leaps. I was so scared that no one would read my posts, that I didn’t have enough graphic design skills, and that I would never generate enough publicity to engage subscribers. Fear is a miserable place to live in. Even though I had my doubts, I knew that I would never truly be happy until I gave my passion a try.

Once I got truly started I realized that my leap was not about being the most famous blogger with the most subscribers. In fact, I had less than 30 subscribers for weeks. It was when I begin to get emails about how my blog post truly touched someone that I realized that I was walking in purpose. That purpose brought me joy.

Stop allowing your own thoughts and naysayers psyche you out of your calling. Doubt will keep you from joy.

5. Fail Without Falling

Despite your best efforts, understand that your pathway to success will not always be an easy road. There will be times of trial and error.

Shift your mindset. Instead of viewing failure as roadblocks to your success, look at it as an opportunity to learn an important lesson. Take note of why the failure happened so that you know what to do and what not to do next time.

Some people allow failure to be indicative of their self-worth. These individuals feel like failures when something doesn’t go as planned which often results in feelings of sadness or depression. Once you realize that failure is a natural part of life, you will begin to live a less anxious, happier one.

6. Accomplish Without Boasting

You went to work every day on time. You stayed up late nights studying for those school tests. You put in the extra work and invested money to start that business. You’re finally becoming the successful person you set out to be.

I get it. You have the right to be extremely proud of yourself for making sure your dreams came into fruition with hard work. However, don’t let your accomplishments turn you into a narcissistic person. Believe it or not, there are many lonely, successful people at the top because they pushed others away.

7. Love Without Discrimination

It’s simple. Follow the golden rule. Treat others how you would like to be treated. I’m not guaranteeing that love will always be returned to you but…

You’d be surprised at how much positive energy you can attract when you radiate your own energy of love.

8. Give Without Expectation

“If I help you with this, then what are you going to do for me?”

Sometimes people just truly need help in their situations. At the moment, they may not be able to offer you anything because they don’t have it. I am not encouraging you to be a naïve giver. If you constantly help someone who doesn’t appreciate your contribution, then by all means kindly disassociate your assistance.

However, it doesn’t hurt to selflessly offer assistance sometimes without seeking something in return. Many studies have shown that our own happiness is boosted when we know that we have helped someone else.

9. Help Without Recognition

I’ll be the first to admit that I love my social media handles. There’s something about staying connected with others that intrigues me. It is a place that can be used to broadcast your accomplishments while celebrating others’ accomplishments, too.

Thing is though… You don’t always have to do things for the “likes”, “shares”, or “retweets” especially when it comes to helping others. If you’re constantly helping others for public recognition instead of it being a sincere act from the heart, then are you really being genuine? Going back to number 8, helping others brings us a certain joy. In addition, when you give out genuine help you are likely to receive it in return should you ever need it. Feelings of mutual support can bring about immense joy.

10. Dream Without Limits

Last but not least, be a dreamer and act on those dreams. It doesn’t matter if your ideas seem to wild for someone else. Some of the happiest people in the world are those that wake up every day doing what they love to do. These individuals are not merely surviving life – They are living… AND YOU CAN TOO!


Wrapping Up With SimplyMei

So remember that yes, while trips and money can boost your happiness, there are plenty of ways that you, yourself, can begin to live a happier life without a penny involved. It all begins with your mindset which manifests into your attitude which ultimately manifests into your behavior.

"I THINK I can live a happy life. I am DETERMINED to live a happy life. I AM living a happy life"

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But what do I know…

I’m just a blogger that writes down her opinions. Until next time with #SimplyMei

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