Rush Hour Part III: Survival of The (FIT)test

Rush Hour [rəSH ou(ə)r]: a time during each day when traffic is at its heaviest

Imagine the streets of New York during Rush Hour - - horns blowing, taxis zooming, and people scurrying hastily about in the “city that never sleeps”… BUT if you observe closely, beneath the overarching hustle and bustle, you’ll find that each scurrying person has a unique STORY to tell.


Word on The Fashion Wall Street Is…

It was nothing short of creative

genius when Ty of The Fashion Wall

Street first decided to capture the

Rush Hour experience in his very

own fashion show series, Rush Hour

Part I and II, two years ago. On

September 26th, 2016, I was

fortunate enough to be front row to

his latest fashion show sequel, Rush

Hour Part III. When I tell you Ty

successfully brought the streets of New York City to UNC- Charlotte and gave me L I F E.. I

mean it!

Ty (along with the help of co-stylist Charlie) styled each of his models to sheer perfection. Many stylists define perfection solely according to the latest fashion trends of “What’s Hot Now?”… but what about originality? What about the message behind the outfit? If you know Ty, then you know he is not your average stylist! As the show proceeded it became quickly apparent that he'd orchestrated it with much precision, creativity, and personal touch. Even better, the show matchlessly correlated with the overall theme for the series.

Often you’ll hear that fashion is a form of expression that tells a story about someone with no words needed. Just like the people pacing the streets of NYC during Rush Hour, each one of Ty’s models told a story through their outfits every time they hit the stage. Throughout the show I caught myself imagining how I would look in each outfit and the perfect scenario that would complement it.

Oooo I could wear that on a date night.

Oooo I could wear that to a football game.

Oooo I could just wear that anywhere!


Before The Slay, You Must Werkkkk

And YES, I mean Werkkkk -- five steps above and beyond the necessary, normal work needed. Ty did just that!

I knew from the second I arrived that Ty was a business man - very prompt and organized. There was a greeter table set up just for arriving show guests. He couldn’t have hand selected better greeters. With warm smiles on their faces, they engaged in a little small talk before finding my name on the list and giving me further direction to show’s exact location. I must say the event was off to a seamless start.

Now let me tell you. I think Ty knew exactly what he was doing when he chose the college campus of UNC-C as his venue. The campus is filled with students from all walks of life that have their own flavor and style making it a melting pot of fashion (shout out to my Alma Mater).

The greeter table was like a

magnet for all students. I mean,

how could you not get drawn in

by some of the show giveaways

that were on display? I witnessed

a few students that were just

walking around get drawn in as

guests for the show because of

the prizes.

That was pure strategy and I was low-key hoping that I was the lucky raffle winner at the end of the night. I needed those heels!

Oh, but the thrill didn’t stop there. I purposely arrived early enough to check out the location before others filed in. I must say I was impressed. Here you had Ty, a CURRENT COLLEGE STUDENT, with all of his ducks in a row as if he was a senior organizer.

Seating was perfectly arranged for optimal guest viewing. Ty even went so far as to pay special attention to selected guests by ensuring them reserved seating. Guess who felt like a pretty darn important blogger sitting in the reserved section?

Aside from the fact that I’m a huge fan of the T-shaped stage for fashion shows, I was blown away by the live DJ. The upbeat mix of hip-hop, r & b, and reggae music helped set the atmosphere for the show. It was LIT and the show hadn’t even started yet.


LOOK OUT! It’s A Stylist, It’s A Blogger.... It’s An ENTREPRENEUR

Fortunately I was able to steal Ty for a quick five minute interview. I was well aware of the fact that he had a large following on campus. In fact, I had the pleasure of meeting up with him once for a personal styling session -- He's good!

But what was The Fashion Wall Street all about?

It didn’t take long for me to realize that this man is more than a stylist. He is a visionary and entrepreneur that knows exactly what he wants. He envisioned The Fashion Wall Street being an accumulation of all things fashion - -your one stop shop for setting up styling sessions, keeping up with the latest trends, following the latest fashion news, learning about upcoming fashion show events, and more!

“ I’ve always had a passion for fashion. I remember sitting in my room one day brainstorming how I could bring my dreams of an empire into fruition and that’s when it hit me -- the idea for The Fashion Wall Street. I envisioned The Fashion Wall Street being comprised of team members with different niches, yet all having the same love for passion. I now have a great team of bloggers, stylists, and more that use their specifics skills and talents to help develop the unified vision for The Fashion Wall Street. “ - Ty, The Fashion Wall Street.

... And Just like that it all made sense! Think about Wall Street in New York. Wall Street easily makes New York City an economically powerful city with the presence of so many different, large financial centers. The route Ty is going, I can see The Fashion Wall Street and its combination of innovative team members being that same powerhouse for the fashion industry.


Places! The Show Is About To Start…

After the interview, I was more anxious than ever to see what the hype was all about. Rush Hour Part III definitely did not let me down. The audience was presented with several different themes with brief intermissions between each new set. I certainly had a few favorites!

Who’s here for a little jean in your fall wardrobe? I loved the versatile looks that were given to me within this theme. I had no idea you could dress up jean the way Ty did.

They say every woman needs a little black dress but after this set I think every woman needs a little slice of earth tone in their closet. I was convinced that I needed every outfit within this theme as part of my closet’s staple collection.

There was definitely pieces for the “girly - girl” in the show. I loved the floral, free-spirited look.

Ty’s versatility shone through as he proved that he was talented with styling the guys too. The male models in the show gave me urban, trendy, skater-boy, edge and more!


Help Those That Help You!

Aside from the fashion show outfits, my second favorite part of the show was when Ty highlighted the vendors that supported him. He encouraged guests to check out the vendors’ merchandise during intermission. He even allowed models to sport the vendors’ gear during the show. To me, this gesture was a glimpse into Ty’s character. Yes, it was his show but he publicly acknowledged that it wasn’t all about him by showing love and appreciation to the vendors (and everyone else involved with the show such as Native Eye Co.).

I’ve seen people sporting Dr3am3rs clothing all

over instagram so I was pleasantly surprised to find

that the designer behind the clothing line was one

of the Ty’s vendors. His support of Ty’s made perfect

sense. After all, the purpose of the Dr3am3rs

clothing line is to encourage others to truly follow

their dreams.

I was also happy to meet the creators of

the clothing line Risvegliare. It was great

to witness young people truly



Wrapping Up with SimplyMei

I give Ty five stars and two thumbs up for being such a devoted, young fashion-preneur. He organized a show that ran seamlessly and left the crowd hungry for more. Beyond that, he gave the people what they wanted -- A REAL SHOW.

Don’t be that guy or girl that hops on the wave when it’s too late. Get connected with Ty today for all of your fashion needs.

You may reach him on the following social media handles:

Twitter: @i_solecollect

Instagram: @thefashionwallstreet ; @straightstylin__ ; @i_solecollect

Snapchat: @isolecollect

I’m sure there’s nothing but great things in store for Ty and The Fashion Wall Street team. Congratulations to Ty, The Fashion Wall Street, the designers, the greeters, the vendors, the stylists, the bloggers, and the models that made Rush Hour Part III a successful event.

Ty, I think the people want to know, WILL THERE BE A PART IV?

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