4 Things Successful People Do Extremely Well

If you know anything about Tim Behling of SUCCESSTEAM, then you probably have a great idea of what this blog post is all about -- Okay, so maybe it didn’t take a genius to read the title either.

You got it - - today’s blog post is all about that widely defined term we call SUCCESS. You and people like Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates are given the same 24 hours, but what is it that they’re doing differently with their time?

SimplyMei is here with the inside scoop on 4 things that successful people do extremely well.

.. But let’s face it. A blog post about what successful people do well wouldn’t be right without the collaboration of Behling, the founder of SUCCESSTEAM, a pioneer in Management Strategy, and a renowned Network Professional. (PSA: Those are but a FEW of this man’s accolades!)

At the young age of 22 years old, South Carolina native and trailblazer Behling is defining what it means to be successful and doing it well. The great news is, so can you with these insiders:



Since he was a young boy, Behling is a man that long knew he wanted to be successful.

I’m almost convinced Behling is actually my twin brother that was separated at birth. Similarly, we each share childhood memories that helped us realize early on that we had entrepreneurial aspirations. In the year of 2015, like me, Behling was graduating college - - becoming the first of his family to acquire a collegiate degree.

It comes as no surprise that Behling’s idea of success is not superficially based. Though he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth that did not stop him from working hard his entire life. This determination has catapulted him into being in the category of one of the most successful young entrepreneurs of his time.

"Success, to me, has less to do with finances and more to do with impact. The big thing for me and what I have learned is that success is measured by the effect you leave on others' lives"




Behling's SUCCESSTEAM is the result of a vision he had following a very intimate awakening in his life. After being baptized at the age of 19, Tim's relationship with God grew closer and he realized that his purpose was to help others find their purpose - - and be SUCCESSFUL doing so.

His vision for SUCCESSTEAM is for it to evolve into the primary platform for where ALL dreams can come true for ANYONE.

The SUCCESSTEAM is definitely expanding its members, taking the world by storm, and gaining great influence.



“ I encourage all to simply just let us know what you need and we’ll do what we do.”

Behling's SUCCESSTEAM offers guidance in regards to advice and workshops for professional development. Awesome sponsorships are offered. There has also been a multitude of resources developed (and currently developing) through SUCCESSTEAM that could be beneficial to ANY rising professional.

Just contact Behling - - the JACK OF ALL TRADES.

Wrapping Up with SimplyMei

I often hear others complain about not having enough hours in a day to fulfill their dreams. I, too, have been guilty of blaming time for my own shortcomings. What I’ve learned is that even if there were more hours in my day, it would be pointless if I didn’t learn how to maximize it with time management, goal setting, and other life balancing techniques.

You see success is not always about working harder. Be thoughtful and methodical: Ask yourself how can you be more efficient with your day? Have you prioritized your tasks? How can you tackle your tasks more thoughtfully? How can break down your goals into more feasible steps? Successful people think like this.

If all else fails, observe the most successful people in your life and take note on what they are doing right. Those same techniques may work for you!

Who’s stopping you from being the next Oprah or Bill Gates? In fact, who’s stopping you from being even better?! You determine your success because SimplyMei said so.

YOUR GO: How do you define success? What tips help you stay on the path of success? SimplyMei wants to hear all about it! Send your thoughts to: simplymeitsf@gmail.com for a possible feature of your response!

For more information on Tim Behling and the SUCCESSTEAM visit http://successteam.us

Tim can also be found on various social media handles:




But what do I know…

I’m just a blogger that writes down her opinions. Until next time with #SimplyMei

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