3 Shocking Goal-Setting Tips I Learned From My 6 Year Old

I remember it like yesterday - - probably because it just occurred last week, but hey that’s beside the point.

“Whew! I am tired,” I can recall expressing out loud. It was more so one of those talks you have alone with yourself after a long day of work - - only my son just so happened to enter into my presence right when the words were escaping my lips.

Aside from the fact that his 6 year old brain can’t possibly comprehend the gravity of adult duties, I would never make him feel bad about me being tired. As a mom I’ve made it my duty to be his provider and simply let him be a kid. Plus I think I’ve ingrained in him that school is his only job so much so that if you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up he might just say “to have an eternal life in academia.”

How did we get so off topic people? So, back to the conversation at hand…


“Whew! I am tired.”

“Well, why are you so tired mommy?”

“I had a long day at work but at least I’m home with you now. What did you learn at school?” Tries to deflect the conversation.

“Well, why do you have to work?” Of course he goes back to the conversation.

“Mommies and daddies work so that we have money to buy things like houses, food.. oh and TOYS! You like toys.”

“Hmmm well guess what? I have a really cool idea. I know you’re gonna love it”

Laughs and gives in. “Oh yeah? What is your idea?!”

“I’m sure it will work. We just need some supplies. We can make a lemonade stand. I’ll plan it out - - that way you can be with me all day AND the best part is you don’t have to work and be tired. We can just use the money from the lemonade stand. I’ll get started,” he proudly stated as he went to work on his idea. Walks away sure that he has life figured out.


Please son. My thought? He is pretty darn imaginative if he thinks a lemonade stand is going to make enough profit to for me to quit my job. Nonetheless, he brought me his mapped out plan.

Translation: First get some lemonade and a cup (Lordy, you have hand-writing like mommy son) boxes and a sign. Lemonade Stand. Santana

.. But that’s when the afterthought hit me. I was overcome by a sad reality. Had I become so “adulted” that I no longer thought outside of the box anymore? Here my son was trying to be creative and all I could do was think of how fanatical his idea was. What had happened to the girl that confidently set goals no matter what others thought about them, unapologetically ignored the critical opinions of naysayers, and had so much positive energy that she attracted crowds of like minded people?

It’s crazy how a conversation about lemonade jolted me to do some self-evaluation and redefine my goal setting process. Have you ever found yourself in a depressing abyss? Are you struggling to reach your goals but can’t figure out why? Well, worry no more! SimplyMei is here to get you back on track to achieving those goals with 3 key tips:

1. Watch How People Speak:

My son didn’t need me discouraging him or belittling his idea. What he needed was encouragement, guidance, and support from someone that was supposed to be in his corner no matter what - - me.

Sometimes you really have to listen speak (and even observe their actions sometimes) to filter out your true supporters from those that may outwardly support you but secretly hope you don’t succeed. Though sad, sometimes family or the ones you call your friends will be the ones that are secretly envious and waiting eagerly for you to fail. If someone is constantly saying things like, “How’s that little project of yours going? That probably won’t ever be successful because it’s too hard to achieve… but I mean it is your little project so go for it if you feel,” then it may be time to have a serious talk and/or pull the plug on the relationship. There is a difference between constructive criticism and downright, condescending insults. Remember, misery loves company.

2. Move In Silence:

Had my son allowed my “Negative Nancy” view on his lemonade stand to seep into his mind, he may have been persuaded to discontinue his idea before it even had a chance to blossom.

It’s pretty self-explanatory. I’m not saying you can’t share your accomplishments, your strides, and your future goals. We all like to be applauded for hard work sometimes. What I am saying is to make sure you have tough skin and a strong mind before you share things with the world - - especially the social media world. When you open up yourself to others, you make yourself susceptible to all outside opinions: the good, the bad, and the flat out ugly. If you are uncertain in yourself, then one negative opinion can cloud your spirit and cause you to doubt yourself and/or abandon your goal.

3. Carry Your Confidence Everywhere:

Had you been there during our conversation, you would’ve seen that there was NO WAY I was convincing my son that the lemonade stand wouldn’t work. He exhibited such assurance and confidence in his plan that even I was a little convinced.

If you don’t take anything else from this post, please remember this next line: Believe in yourself so much that others can’t help but be convinced , too. Exude your confidence through positive energy. Your positive energy and optimism is your protection. Now, I’m not saying being optimistic will always be your shield against failure. Failure is a natural part of the learning process. However, being optimistic is what fuels YOUR DRIVE. If you always have DRIVE, no matter how many times you fail, you’ll have the DRIVE to get right back up and give it another try.


Wrapping Up With SimplyMei

Wow! Never underestimate the power of talking to a child. It’s their incredible imagination that we as adults can sometimes use to combat our own complacency. I’m not saying hand over your car note and light bill to let a child figure it out but it took a talk about lemonade with my 6 year old to realize how complacency can lead to stagnation.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s possible that his lemonade stand may never become nearly profitable enough to make a living from. However, the fact remains that like my son, you should never say never without giving things a whole hearted try first.

Take it from TEN YEAR OLD Mikaila Ulmer that has built an empire off of her VERY OWN BeeSweet Lemonade. Might I add, she was even offered $60,000 for a 25% stake in the budding beverage company from mogul and FUBU CEO Daymond John.

With faith the size of a mustard seed and a great goal setting process, there’s no telling all the things you can achieve… but you will achieve nothing if you never try.


But what do I know…

I’m just a blogger that writes down her opinions. Until next time with #SimplyMei

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