3 Shocking Goal-Setting Tips I Learned From My 6 Year Old

I remember it like yesterday - - probably because it just occurred last week, but hey that’s beside the point.

“Whew! I am tired,” I can recall expressing out loud. It was more so one of those talks you have alone with yourself after a long day of work - - only my son just so happened to enter into my presence right when the words were escaping my lips.

Aside from the fact that his 6 year old brain can’t possibly comprehend the gravity of adult duties, I would never make him feel bad about me being tired. As a mom I’ve made it my duty to be his provider and simply let him be a kid. Plus I think I’ve ingrained in him that school is his only job so much so that if you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up he might just say “to have an eternal life in academia.”

How did we get so off topic people? So, back to the conversation at hand…


“Whew! I am tired.”

“Well, why are you so tired mommy?”