How To Deal With "The Graduation Blues" Part 1.

Ramen noodles for dinner, boring lectures, outrageous text book costs, sleepless nights full of cramming, outlandish parking pass fees, countless finals, heavy traffic, campus construction, and dare I forget UNC-Charlotte’s crazy geese that found humor in terrorizing me on my way to class - - all the more reason for me to hurry up and be done with college already.

Like thousands of other soon-to-be graduates, I remember it like yesterday - - being completely over my last year of college and overly zealous about graduation nearing.

College was consuming my life. I was ready for the real world.

I was ready to say GOODBYE to part-time retail checks and HELLO to real money! I was certain that I’d quickly land a “big girl” job in the workforce and a nice paying one at that - - perhaps too certain.

I mean isn’t that how it works for all college graduates? You go to college. You graduate. You start work in your dream profession. You make the big bucks. You live on your own - - away from parents. You live happily ever after. Life is good.

Yet a week before a graduation, a time I should’ve been most excited for the end nearing, I found myself weeping in front of the T.V. with a huge bowl of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in hand. College had prepped me for the real world through internships, on site learning opportunities, and much more but boy did my professors leave out the part about experiencing the*cues the “dun dun dunnn” sound*

Graduation Blues

There I sat as a single mom that had overcome so many depressing statistics by actually completing college only to find myself bearing feelings of anxiety, emptiness, sadness, and hopelessness. The Blues intensified after graduation.

At a time when I should’ve been proud of my accomplishment, why was I in such a funk? What was wrong with me?