3 Challenges I've Faced As a Young Mom

If you would have asked me 6 years ago what scared me most about parenting, I would have replied, "not having enough money to provide for a child." When I was pregnant with my son, I was so sure that money would be my only challenge. Parenting would be the easy part, right?

Boy was I so off!

You can post the most adorable pictures of your child for the world to see on social media. You can have adventurous outings and create priceless memories with your little one. You can even brag to friends about all of your child’s new “firsts”. Heck, I do it all the time because I genuinely love my child more than this world as many moms and dads do.… but ANY parent can tell you that sometimes you just have your days. Parenting is not always rainbows, sunshine, and social media postings. It is not even all about just being a provider. Over the years, being a parent has humbled me.

My life changed in a flash. I went from being a high school senior with dreams of attending an out of state college one minute to an expecting teenager preparing for a little baby boy the next. The first thought that came to my mind on the day that I found out was pregnant, “how am I going to afford diapers, clothes, and milk when I have never even had a job?” - - valid point, right?

Fast forward to present day, yes finances have been a challenge along this journey but I have learned as a mom to a 6-year old boy that parenting is so much more than having money! Go figure.

There are other challenges that will arise which makes parenting one of the hardest but most rewarding jobs on this planet. I would love to tell you that I am supermom and have all the answers to parenting challenges. This is the buzzkill part - - I don’t.

Truth be told as I type, Mount Everest is forming right inside of my home (yes, regarding our backed up, never ending laundry), I’ve completely procrastinated with the idea of meal prepping for the third time (to help maximize time in my busy mommy schedule) and my son is one day away from looking like a caveman if I don’t get his haircut soon.

…but it’s okay. Why?

This blog post is to remind you moms and dads everywhere that you are not perfect. As much as we want to do it all, we are often still trying to find a “parenting routine” and that is fine! When you face bumps along the road, do not feel shame. Trust me you are not alone. In fact, three challenges I have faced as a young mom are: