How Yoga Saved My Life

Can you imagine what this world would look like without ANY peace?

…An uproar of people shouting hurtful obscenities at one another

…Chaotic crowds wrestling violently in the streets

…Faces plagued with heavy eyes from a lack of rest

You immediately thought about how life with no peace would affect the world as a whole - - but what about you, individually?

Can you imagine what your personal life would look like if there were no peace?

The crazy thing is many of us actually live our day-to-day lives like this without even realizing it. Stress, depression, mental fatigue, health issues, financial strain, and social conflict are but a few of the many sources that can cause us mental disturbance. Often, these sources cause us to lose something money can’t buy- -our peace of mind.

Some of us choose to ignore the wars of our mind as if things will just “go away” on their own. Listen, they never just disappear magically. Instead, these mental disturbances tend to manifest themselves into physical problems. Take depression for example. You can try to mentally suppress depression and say “it’s just a mind thing” but it can still take a physical toll on the body if untreated- - muscle aches and chronic fatigue are but a few of depression’s physical effects.


What if I told you that yoga could answer questions like:

How will I pay all of my bills? (I just do not make enough money.)

How will I ever pass this class? (It is too stressful trying to keep up.)

How can I get over this heartb