"Age Ain't Nothing But a Number: Johnazia Gray Talks Being a Young, Successful Author

She secured her first publishing deal at the tender age of 17! Since then she has secured the bag by publishing 17 books that have captured the attention of people all over the country. In fact, her writing skills are so nice that she has become a national best-selling author… and the gag is (as one my favorite people, Keke Palmer, would say) she’s only 20 years old - - talk about young BOSS moves. YAS HONEY! (as I would say)

Who is this “she” that I’m referring to?

SHE IS NONE OTHER THAN THE TALENTED JOHNAZIA GRAY. Reigning from Tallahassee, Florida, Johnazia Gray is changing the game and challenging the status quo. Raised primarily by her mother, grandmother, and Godmother, Ms. Gray didn’t grow up with a large family network of support. Yet and still, she has mastered the ability to transform her life challenges into fuel to go after her dreams even harder.

I mean Ms. Gray hasn’t even reached the legal age of 21 and she is already a publisher, an author, and Florida state worker. At 21, I was… let us just save that spill for another blog post.

My mother, who is an avid reader like myself, actually introduced me to the book "Another Woman's Husband: A Sinful Love Affair". I’ll admit at the time I was a novice to Johnazia’s novels and had no clue about her background when I read this book.

After reading her book I was left craving for more. Will Michelle lose her husband the same way she met him? The plot was so intriguing. You couldn’t have convinced me that all of these juicy story lines came