Santana Speaks: Find Out What My 7 Year Old Son Had to Say About Life As A Kid

Life is hard being a kid sometimes. I think it is dull but you might think it is awesome.

It is fun being a grownup too because you get to go to bed when you want to. Isn’t that awesome? .. and the cool thing is that you get to wear what you want to wear. So cool!

It is fun being a kid and parent sometimes.

But It is hard being a grownup..

so like you have to

...feed kids all the time

...wash there pee beds if they have an accident

...and you have to call them inside and get them ready for bedtime

Then here comes the easy part about being a grown up.

You can do anything after their sleep.

You can look at tv but not too much.

Still I would rather be a kid because I can play outside and run with my friends.

Well would you rather be a parent or kid? I know my answer.