Want To Really Shed Some Pounds This Summer? | Achieve Prime Fitness with Prime Time Aesthetics

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength… not a lack of knowledge.. but rather a lack in will”

Simply Mei's Experience with Prime Time Aesthetics

“Hey. You’re here… hop on the bike. Let’s get started. Okay so how today is going to work…” he carried on with a verbal layout of the day’s workout regimen for the class. (paired with visual demonstrations of how to do each exercise as he called them out) - - “he” being James Shipman of Prime Time Aesthetics, better known as Ship.

Whew! You sure don’t waste any time do you Mr. Shipman?

I arrived at Ship’s gym located on 1185 N. Tryon Street in Charlotte, N.C. expecting to simply interview him for the Simply Mei blog since he is one of Charlotte’s hottest personal trainers and all. Yes, he did sort-of, kind-of disclose beforehand that he was going to put me through one of his workouts too. Okay, I’ll be honest he was very clear with me, but I didn’t think much of it. I sure as heck didn’t think he would have me exercising the very minute I treaded through the door.

I work out enough. I’m in decent shape. How intense can his workout really be?

Without really knowing Ship too much, I assumed his workout session would be like any other personal training session I’ve ever had. Tuh! You know what they say about people that assume, right?

There I was expecting Ship to perform the “normal” personal trainer routine - - evaluate my fitness level and “start me off light” with easy variations of exercises until I proved I could handle more. Because I expected a “beginner” workout, I took it upon myself to purposely select cute gym attire for the occasion. I even made sure my hair was SLAYED and LAID. Besides, I knew Ship was planning to record this encounter and I, Simply Mei, wasn’t breaking a sweat on camera.