What Does Your Jewelry Say About You? -- Give Your Gems Meaning With The Elevation Boutique

I started The Elevation Boutique because I want to be my own boss. After having my daughter, I decided for us that I wouldn't answer to any boss because that would take my time away from family.

I created handmade pieces out of Durham, North Carolina and the boutique is ran online 24/7. I use semiprecious stones, tumbled stones, and crystals in almost every piece I design. These stones are used to awaken the mind, body and soul. Created for the people, I strive to deliver pieces that are meaningful and unique to the creative individual.

The Boutique accepts custom orders so it is ideal for people looking to give one of a kind gifts. I am aiming to appeal to all walks of life. If you are about divine spirits, positive vibes and balance, you should shop with The Elevation Boutique. Currently I only sell jewelry, but in the near future I hope to be incorporating beauty products.