EXPOSED: I'm Jealous of My Friend

The Backstory

December 31, 2017:

Listen, your girl had just got her praise on with the Lord and everybody else in New Life Baptist Church. You see, instead of bringing in my New Year at the club, I decided to chant the New Year’s countdown in the fellowship of my son, my mom, and Sister Tammy and them. Needless to say, the Pastor did his THANG and the spirit of hope rained down on everybody. I left the church feeling like “I’m the one again.” *Drake voice* No, seriously. I had, had enough of 2017’s shenanigans. Church had me feeling on top of the world and ready for day 1 of 2018.

The end, right? - - Ehh.

January 1, 2018:

It’s game time BAY-BE! Still fired up from church, I was ready to get up and start my “new year new me” routine… but you know I had to read the modern day newspaper first.

That’s right: Instagram. Anyway, I’m scrolling and BOOM, I see that a friend from college got engaged. Go off baby! At this point, I’m lit. Let me like and comment real quick. I continue scrolling and what do you know? You guessed it. Yet another friend was cheesing like Chester the Cheetah with her proud new fiancée beside her. He put a whole boulder on her finger. Yassss! Get into these commitments. There were engagements galore! While I love LOVE, as I continued seeing similar posts, I felt something happening inside.

Something I didn’t like.