For You, ByMizell: Q & A With The "Be Free. Be Kind. Be Edgy" Fashion Designer, Dennis

Have you ever met someone that just seemed to be superhuman? I'm pretty positive that was my exact thought when I was interviewing this next person who agreed to make a SimplyMei Guest Appearance. If being a wife AND a mother isn't time consuming enough, she maintains an inimitable drive to fulfill one of her lifelong passions.

I guess what they say is true. Nothing can stop a woman on a mission!

Not hail.

Not wind.

Not fire.

...and true enough, absolutely nothing can stop this fashion designer. Who is she, you ask?

SHE is none other than Dennise Mizell-Eaton, founder of the ByMizell clothing line. With an eclectic style and artistic imagination out of this world, Dennise Mizell-Eaton is making waves in the fashion world and she wants to share her gifts with you!

Born in Newark, NJ, growing up and attending school in North Carolina, and recently residing in Okinawa, Japan Dennise is no stranger to different places, people or most importantly, fashion. At a young age she always knew she wanted to be a creator and she also knew her purpose in life was to empower others. So, Dennise took her ideas and combined them into what she felt was her ultimate package of passion!

Growing up for Dennise she was not the most confident in the room and her self-esteem was lacking. It was when she started college at UNC-C that she started to embrace her free-spirit and positively reshaped the way she viewed herself. This new mental freedom allowed her to confidently bring her dream of creating her own wardrobe into fruition. In 2014, she officially picked up her sewing machine and went to work. This was a very humbling time for her as she often worked on the floor of her shared apartment. I like to think that humble beginnings often make the rewards so much sweeter in the end and in Dennise's journey this seems to hold true. Since starting her line, ByMizell has debuted in shows and clients rave over their pieces. Dennise continues to create timeless collections.