Detroit Rapper Tahji Talks Favorite Rappers, Life Behind the Scenes, and MORE! I SimplyMei Exclusive

“Part time gangstas, you little niggas only real some days"

Loaded words from a new rapper, huh?

Some would call the rapper's lyrics boastful. Others would call his lyrics self-assured.

I say no matter how you view it, Detroit rapper Tahji is clearly letting the rap world know that he has arrived and everybody's going to feel his presence. From his Look Alive freestyle to his New Freezer freestyle (and all that in between), you'll find that his style is raw, versatile, catchy…

and unapologetic.

So, just who is this seemingly overnight sensation creating big buzz on social media?

“Though we had it rough, we always had enough” – Tupac.

With the recent releases of a few freestyles, one single, and the anticipation of another single release in May, rapper Tahji has hit the ground running - - Usain Bolt speed. Despite being a new artist, he is showing us what it means to literally eat, sleep, and breathe the grind.

Though born in Detroit, rapper Tahji credits California for having a big influence on his life during his teenage years. However, life wasn’t all California dreamin’, rainbows, and sunshine. In fact, Tahji witnessed a lot growing up though his parents did everything to make sure that he didn’t necessarily feel like he didn’t have much. Still, life was no crystal stair. From living on Section 8 to surviving off of food stamps, his parents did what they had to do in order to provide for not only Tahji but also five of Tahji’s cousins (that they adopted).

“By the time I was of age they had worked up to the higher middle class and got us out of Detroit. Everything I am I owe to them . I know everybody says it but I think I have the best parents in the world,” stated Tahji when asked about his parents.


“Started from the bottom, now we here” – Drake.

With early musical influences like The Temptations, R Kelly and Kirk Franklin, Tahji was big on R&B and Gospel in his earlier years. However, it didn’t take long for him to branch off into rap music. With icons like Nas, Kanye , Cassidy , Lil Wayne and Jay-Z, he fell in love and became inspired.

Now we’re here and he’s ready to make his mark. This is his grand entrance.

“As far as music I'm really starting from the bottom and I really take pride in it”

So, hey now world! There’s a new rapper in town and I, SimplyMei, was lucky to get the scoop in a SimplyMei Exclusive, Guest Appearance interview.

Want to know more about this Detroit native? Check out the FULL INTERVIEW below.

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