A Window Into The Struggles of A Blog Writer

Hello SimplyMei readers!

My name is Cheyenne Dunbar and I’m so excited for the opportunity to guest blog on my sister’s very popular blog! From the moment she asked me to do a collaboration, which then turned into letting me run the show, I was honored from the start.

A little background about me: I am a fellow blogger and all around creative personality. I dabble in almost all things creative from graphic design, photography, and painting to pottery, writing, and event planning. I’ve just got a special knack for it all.

My personal blog is called Beyond Your Window. Its focus is Travel. Experience. Live. - which relies heavily on my personal experiences exploring the Charlotte area with a few national & international trips mingled in AND SO MUCH MORE.

Back to what you’re here for. Meisha asked me if I would write about my struggles as a blogger, and I ended up narrowing it down to three big obstacle that I've faced so far:

  1. Self Doubt

  2. Finding Your Focus

  3. Being Consistent

1. Self Doubt - “Well Everyone’s Doing It…”

Once I started blogging I began to realize just how many people I know actually have a blog. Like a lot of people have their own blogs. It was almost the same as when you get a new car, then you start to realize how many other people in the same city as you drives that same car. Either a newer or older model, but now you finally see it because you’ve got one too.

I’m glad people are blogging though. That meant they found an outlet for themselves, but at the same time are we not just writing the sa