When Art Is Life... : Getting To Know The Artist Behind Golden Cocoa Designs


Well I think it wouldn't only be fair to let her introduce herself, right? Here you have it folks...

I am a local artist and teacher from North Carolina. I have been illustrating since as far back as I can remember. I transitioned into nail design which helped develop my flow into painting. I create worlds that live in the depths of our imaginations and takes us away to a place full of positivity and manifestation. My desire to create makes me more and more passionate about my art. I am currently selling tickets for my first ever paint and sip with half of the proceeds going to a non-profit to raise awareness for mental health in our communities. The goal of each paint class I teach is to give back to the community in some way. I am so excited for my journey ahead and hopefully you can join me!

-TaTyana G.


( I mean seriously, this logo is BOMB!)


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The below pieces are but a few of the amazing pieces crafted by none other than Tatyana herself.

"Exhale" You are the creator of your own Universe. Take a deep breath and manifest your light...

16x20. Acrylic On Canvas.

"Don't Be A Hard Rock (A Gem)" As women, we constantly have to be strong for ourselves but also for others. Don't let the trials of life harden your heart or your spirit.

16x 20. Acrylic On Canvas.

"Hurt Feelings" Anything that costs you your peace of mind is too expensive.

Kenya 16x20 Acrylic on Canvas.

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About TaTyana

August 11, 1992 marks the day when a star was born - - that is TaTyana German. This artist is a Fayetteville, North Carolina native who carries with her a deep love for artistic expression. In five years she envisions having her own middle school classroom with a full fledge art enterprise. Even though her artwork is larger than life, TaTyana still admits to experiencing the same struggles that other artists may experience. When asked what the hardest part about being an artist is she states, “not feeling discouraged when people don’t support you and you felt like you gave it your all” What makes Tatyana amazing is her trailblazing spirit. While she recognizes her humanness and emotions, she is more tapped into her supernatural talent - - her art.

Stay connected with genuine spirit: Instagram: goldencocoadesigns

Website: Goldencocoadesigns.com


TaTyana your art is out of this world, but what else do you expect from an extraordinary being such as yourself? SimplyMei just wants to know…can you teach me how to draw one of those… trace-your-hand turkeys? Sheesh. I can’t even do that. Some people are born with creativity.


I wasn’t born with that talent, but HA, at least I know one bomb a** artist that was!

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